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    Anarchists are not opposed to leadership in the sense of individuals who guide or direct other people. What Anarchists oppose are fixed positions of hierarchical authority in organisations in which the leaders are separate from the membership and elevated above the membership in terms of power. Anarchists seek temporary positions of leadership based upon the circumstances and the abilities of members of the group. An Anarchist instance of leadership would be that when a car breaks down it seems that the mechanic in the car should lead the repair of the car and instruct other members of the group towards actions which help the car become fixed, such as instructing people to pass them tools as they work. As Bakunin puts it “I receive and I give - such is human life. Each directs and is directed in his turn. Therefore there is no fixed and constant authority, but a continual exchange of mutual, temporary, and, above all, voluntary authority and subordination.”
    — Correcting Marxist Inaccuracies on Anarchism (via zahgurim)
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    so I’m at the library straightening books as i do.


    [image description: a book cover a with 2 people and the words “realizing the college dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome”]

    hey! this looks like a useful book. i wonder if i want to borrow it? *opens*


    [image description: the book open to a title page reading “realizing the college dream with autism or asperger syndrome. subtitle: a parents guide to student success. Ann Palmer]


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    "I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am full of tears and hunger and the fear of death, though I cannot weep, and I want nothing, and I cannot die. I am not like the others now, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret…"

    ~ Peter S. Beagle, “The Last Unicorn” novel (1968)

    Something I’ve been working on-and-off since March for one of my all-time favorite novel/movie. ♥

    Bigger full-view @DevArt: http://luleiya.deviantart.com/art/The-Last-Unicorn-459625064

    Just dazzling! Please sell prints of this!

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    Went to see Welcome to Night Vale live tonight! So much fun, and made a cosplay right before I headed out lol

    Went to see Welcome to Night Vale live tonight! So much fun, and made a cosplay right before I headed out lol

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    Their intelligence. Elephants understand that ivory is the reason they’re being killed. There are very, very few big bulls with big ivory left in the world, and the two or three still in Tsavo have become nocturnal. I’ve seen a bull with big tusks by the road turn his back, trying to hide the ivory.

    What’s the biggest misconception people have about elephants?

    Daphne Sheldrick, interview in TIME Magazine, June 4, 2012

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    i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah

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    I don’t get why everyone seems to be under the impression that feminists hate men.

    That’s not true at all! We love men!

    …Well, not ALL men.

    I told myself I’d reblog this when I got home if it was still funny.

    It was.

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today on every dbz episode ever made

Fits these two to a tee! XD Poor Vegeta



    today on every dbz episode ever made

    Fits these two to a tee! XD Poor Vegeta

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We had a hot flight attendant


    We had a hot flight attendant

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    bitchyskull said: Is a white person saying ''afro'' about hair offensive? Just wanted to know,as I know a few people who say it.


    i have an afro. how would saying i have an afro being offensive?

    the word “afro” is not a pejorative phrase if you are talking about an actual afro

    but white people calling their messy or puffy or unkempt hair “afros” is disrespectful and offensive

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